Body Electronics Module Engineer



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Body Electronic Module Engineer / Stuttgart, Germany / Permanent / OEM / PDL 


Role: Body Electronic Module Engineer
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Seniority: Senior / Principal / all levels considered
Salary Range: Negotiable 


Technical requirements:

  • Open to both Tier 1 or OEM background 
  • Systems Engineering / Project Management / PDL development background preferred
  • Demonstrated experience working on engineering projects with partners (stakeholders/customers)
  • Automotive industry background required 
  • Experience in handling System Requirements


Project Intelligence/Technical Exposure:

  • Main task is to support the development and delivery of E/E and E/E components and mechanical driveline integration from pre-concept to life cycle management.
  • Monitor, manage and plan the process and support the implementation timing for released CAD data to ensure detailed understanding of how a part will be manufactured, jigs and tooling defined, costs detailed, implementation plan available.
  • Participating in creation of design concepts of complex design scopes for E/E (subsystems/modules) considering the entire development process chain.
  • Assist with the Release and maintain document compilation for E/E.

Body Electronic Module Engineer / Stuttgart, Germany / Permanent / OEM / PDL 

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