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System Architecture Lead / Stuttgart, Germany;  Graz, Austria; London, UK / Permanent / Modul 


Location Options: Stuttgart, Germany;  Graz, Austria; London, UK

Seniority: Senior / Principal / Lead / Manager (All Levels considered)
Salary Range: Negotiable 


Role overview:

  • The System Architecture Lead &will be responsible for the System-Architecture (functional as well as technical) of one product line. They create the high-level system architecture and selects major components together with the component responsible departments (Modul Leads, Modul engineers) They will lead the system development, proposal and project delivery activities, including technical specifications, design standards and product testing.

Role Duties:

  • Primary task and objective are the development of one product line from pre-concept to life cycle management
  • Plan and manage the process, detail planning costs and implementation timing for released CAD data to ensure detailed understanding of how components will be manufactured, jigs and tooling (and if necessary, software implementation) defined, costs detailed, implementation plan available
  • Support and work with the Design, Project, and Programme partners (incl. Engineering Service Providers) to ensure the System Scope is on time, budget target and delivered.
  • Manage and deliver production preparation and quality achievement
  • Monitor and ensure documentation for one product line is maintained and updated as necessary in accordance with regulations and directives.
  • Attend formal design and technical reviews as appropriate to provide guidance related to a particular project
  • Carry out quality and process assessments as determined and necessary.
  • maintain and improve processes and best practices related to system requirements engineering and system architecture design.
  • Ensure together with module leads, safety managers and homologation manager that all EE related safety and legal requirements are full filled
  • Manage the issues within the FRS Release process to ensure maturity and efficient issue reduction

System Architecture Lead / Stuttgart, Germany;  Graz, Austria; London, UK / Permanent / Modul 

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