Behind the wheel: Narcisa Madaras the Head of Global Software House at Forvia Hella Timisoara

This week we spoke to Narcisa Madaras, the talented Head of Global Software House at Forvia Hella. 

She tells us about her journey of juggling being both a mother, and a working professional, as she deals with two teenage boys at home, and a team of over 130 members at Forvia Hella.

Narcisa also gives a fantastic insight into her educational journey, working on an embedded systems degree in the early 2000s. The landscape for this type of engineering job was much different than it is now, especially in Romania where Narcisa is from, as there were so few automobile companies working within her country. That didn’t stop Narcisa however, and thanks to her hard work and dedication she gained a job with Siemens, kickstarting her engineering career.

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