Behind the Chip: Darren Galpin, Director of Functional Safety and Quality, SiFive

Welcome to our new series, Behind the Chip, where we explore the fascinating world of the Semiconductor industry. 

Today, we introduce Darren Galpin in our first-ever episode of our Behind the Chip series. 

With a career spanning over 25 years, Darren currently holds the position of Director of Functional Safety and Quality at SiFive. Throughout his professional journey, he has also held positions at other esteemed organisations such as Renesas Electronics and Infineon Technologies.

Darren's extensive career has enabled him to gain invaluable experience within the industry, including team leadership, patent acquisition, and even chairing an industry advisory group.

In this episode, we delve into Darren's perspectives on the current semiconductor market, explore the trends set to shape the industry's future, and explore his guidance for newcomers entering this dynamic field.

View Darren's motorsport website here: www.silhouet.com/motorsport

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