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We didn’t just try our hand at searching for tech talent in the automotive sector. It was something that evolved from our years of experience in the embedded and electronic systems market.

And it didn’t take nearly as long for us to realise how demanding this next step would be.

From understanding skills within autonomous technology to market developments like the tracking of tech project funding — success finding the right candidate requires lengthy periods of training and research.

Talent is also scarce. And even with the skills to find them, we still have to then entice them, which is equally challenging. 


Talent with these skills understand their value. It’s vital we listen carefully to their aspirations and learn where they align with our client’s offering.

This may take more than one exchange, which is normal.

Even that first conversation gives us a better understanding of current candidate expectations, further insight into how competitive our client’s offering is, and where they may need to adapt to ensure further dialogue.

Basically, all essential information we share with the client so they stay in the race for the best tech talent.

Now, can you afford to be left behind?

How we give you a competitive advantage

  • The support of specialist team trained exclusively within the automotive job market
  • An advanced approach to market mapping – for example through our understanding of your competitor’s projects (on a component level) we identify people’s skill sets and scout them as potential candidates
  • ’Discovery’ sessions with each potential candidate to learn career motivations and desires – whatever the outcome data is shared so that you gain an even better understanding of the job landscape and candidate expectations
  • A dynamic candidate network that our clients can count on
  • A company driven by two owners with over 20 years of collective experience finding the best embedded and electronic systems talent
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We find talent with the following skills

  • Embedded/BSW Development
  • Controls Software/ASW Development
  • Systems Engineering/Systems Architecture Development
  • Electronics/Electrical Development (HV & LV)
  • Functional Safety/Certification Engineers
  • Vehicle Systems E-Drive Development


Techne has been instrumental in expanding our software department in Rimac Technology. The team not only helped us scale our existing locations with their immense support, they were also instrumental in bringing up our UK office in Warwick by putting us in contact with our first hires and helping us find a great team lead. I'm looking forward to the future cooperation, no doubt they will continue to play a big role in helping us bring in great talent.

David Romic, RIMAC

We used Techne's services as we re-built our team. They truly worked to understand both the skill mix and the engineering culture we required; and with their insight, matched excellent well thought out candidates to fill our roles. An excellent experience, and I have gained some top world class recruits

Peter Conboy, Mercedes AMG High-Performance Powertrain

The team at Techne always maintain professional and proactive. They served us in the most efficient way, finding the best-in-class candidates even under high pressure and in the most stressful situations. They were able to handle the most demanding situations extremely well.

Josef Sonntag, MAHLE

Techne is one of the best technical recruiters I've had the pleasure of working with. Where our in-house recruiters couldn't support us, Techne stepped in and found us some top class talent. The team has always been nothing but professional and always put the client first.Can't recommend highly enough.

Liam Sill, Arrival

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