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Our approach

The semiconductor industry is perhaps the most difficult to execute a successful talent search in.

Expert training is needed to simply understand the skill requirements and market conditions. And the exceptionally talented people you are searching for are elusive.

If we manage to achieve contact with such rare talent, we can’t assume they’ll easily be enticed to make a move. They’ll interview us, as much as the other way around.

It’s our job in that scenario to understand what motivates them, discover what it is they want to achieve and see where those things align with our client’s offering and ambitions.

This data we share with them weekly to provide further understanding and insight into what is required to attain the right candidate and save time.

Yes, it’s a lot of work and yes it isn’t easy, but we believe this is what’s necessary to ensure every technical talent search is a success.

How we give you a competitive advantage

  • The support of specialist team trained exclusively within the semiconductor job market
  • An advanced approach to market mapping – for example through our understanding of your competitor’s projects (on a component level) we identify people’s skill sets and scout them as potential candidates
  • ’Discovery’ sessions with each potential candidate to learn career motivations and desires – whatever the outcome data is shared so that you gain an even better understanding of the job landscape and candidate expectations
  • A dynamic candidate network that our clients can count on
  • A company driven by two owners with over 20 years of collective experience finding the best embedded and electronic systems talent
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We find talent with the following skills

  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Application Software Engineer
  • Psychical Design Engineer
  • ASIC Design Engineer
  • RTL Design Engineer
  • Hardware/Electronics Engineer
  • Design Verification Engineer
  • Emulation Engineer
  • Analogue Design
  • Mixed Signal Design
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Compiler Engineer


Techne is extremely professional and passionate about their work. I had the pleasure of working with them in finding ASIC DV candidates for my team. Techne was promptly available for any questions I had and answered all my questions with full transparency and honesty. They had excellent knowledge of the technical requirements that the candidate needs to be successful and suitable for the roles they are submitted too. I recommend Techne to both candidates and employers who are seeking a knowledgeable, honest, and dedicated recruitment company.

Tao Liu, Enfabrica

It's been a pleasure working with Techne. They have placed a number of very difficult positions and worked hard to get results -- hiring excellent people that are a good fit for us and the candidates. They spend the time to understand what we're looking for, who would be a good fit for our team, culture, and technical needs and finds people excellent people who want to work in an environment like Ouster.

Richmond Hollen, Ouster

In a short time, Techne has been able to source hard-to-find talent in the SoC space in the Bay area. I appreciate their hard work and due diligence approach with me, as well as the candidate, constantly staying in touch.

Looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership.

Jeremy Lewis, Socionext

We partnered with Luke and the Techne team on a few of our hard-to-fill Physical Design positions. They are relentless in presenting us with many qualified candidates, and helped us streamline our recruitment process; ultimately leading to the placement of a great Physical Design Engineer. 

I would recommend working with Techne.

Bharath Upputuri, Enfabrica

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