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Future Air Mobility

Our approach

Future Air Mobility is one of the most exciting technological developments of our generation.

As specialist talent searchers in several areas of embedded and electronic systems, we’ve an opportunity to help those driving this developing industry forwards by delivering the talent they need faster.

That’s a journey we’ve already began and over the coming years we aim to become the undisputed talent search resource in the Future Air Mobility market.

But this ambition will only become a reality if we approach our work like all our other operations; with a relentless pursuit for technical knowledge and market understanding.

Because without this knowledge, we can’t really understand who we’re looking for or know how to find them. There’s no winging it in an industry this advanced.

In addition to knowledge, we also insist on collaborating with our clients.

Ask them hard questions like, what intelligence do you receive from your current headhunters, and does it give you further insight into how to entice potential candidates?

Considerations that could make their own strategy work even harder and help give them a competitive advantage when pursuing the best Future Air Mobility talent.

Do they sound like things worth thinking about?

How we give you a competitive advantage

  • The support of specialist team trained exclusively within the Future Air Mobility job market
  • An advanced approach to market mapping – for example through our understanding of your competitor’s projects (on a component level) we identify people’s skill sets and scout them as potential candidates
  • ’Discovery’ sessions with each potential candidate to learn career motivations and desires – whatever the outcome data is shared so that you gain an even better understanding of the job landscape and candidate expectations
  • A dynamic candidate network that our clients can count on
  • A company driven by two owners with over 20 years of collective experience finding the best embedded and electronic systems talent
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We find talent with the following skills

  • Embedded Software Development
  • Controls Software Development
  • Systems Engineering/Systems Architecture Development
  • Electronics/Electrical Engineer (HV & LV)
  • Certification Engineers
  • FPGA Engineers
  • DO-178/DO-254 compliant development

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